Terncy Smart Dial

Have fun with smart life

Adjust curtain.

Volume and light in a more natural way.

Define functions at will.

Set in Terncy app.

Open and close curtains
by a simple rotation.

Rotate Smart Dial to accurately control the percentage of curtain state.

Home Center

Smart Dial

Smart Curtain Motor

Press or rotate to start
a colorful life.

Rotate Smart Dial to adjust the color, color temperature and brightness of Philips Hue series.

Home Center

Smart Dial

Philips Hue

Wirelessly control the music.

Press or rotate Smart Dial to control Sonos stereo, including volume, pause/play and switch songs.

Customize function of press
action for Smart Dial.

You can set the different function for single click, double click, triple click.

Extermely easy to setup.

Stick to the wall, by the window or bedside at your will.