Smart Curtain Motor

Even sunlight can be smart now.

Intelligentizes Your Curtains.

Pulls open/close curtains everywhen needed.

Control your curtain accruately.

"Hey Siri, open the curtain to 51%."

Feel the First Sunlight Every Day.

Fully delivers daylights to your house. Pulls open curtains at sunrise and pulls close curtains at sunset automatically.

"Hey Siri,
open the curtain to 51%."
Offers compatibility with various voice assistants and intelligent speakers, including Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Rokid, Tmall Genie, etc.
Draws Curtains
Accurately to 1%.
Terncy Smart Curtain Motor steplessly controls curtains with its high-precision motor through Terncy app or your voice.
Compatible with Apple HomeKit.
Terncy Smart Curtain Motor is the first curtain motor that works with Apple HomeKit in China. It passed Apple's related certification test that ensures the product's stability and data privacy.
Makes Curtains Smarter.

Pulls close curtains when all family members leave. Pulls open curtains when opening the main door. And pulls curtains when ambient light illumination changes.

Some features mentioned above are enabled only when it works with other Terncy accessories.
Activated by multiple convenient ways.

Open curtains with just one tap on Terncy Wall Switch or Awareness Switch, or pull the curtain manually to activate the motor.

Low Noise Design.

With its well-designed structure and mechanical components, Terncy Smart Curtain Motor works undisturbedly to give you a soft and simple life.

Instant stopping when Encountering Obstructions.

To prevent the destruction of functions and features, Terncy Smart Curtain Motor stops the curtain from working instantly when the curtain encounters obstructions at its run time.