Smart Light Socket
Any light bulb can be smart now.
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Now The Light is Smart.
Gets any standard light bulb connected.
Control Standard Light Bulb from Anywhere.
Turn on or off lights remotely just with a tap of your fingertip.
Smart Lighting with
No Need to Replace Bulb.
Smart Lighting with No Need to Replace Bulb.
Transforms any standard light bulb into smart light. Schedule and automate home lighting conveniently.
"Hey Siri,
turn on all the lights."
"Hey Siri, turn on all the lights."
Control lights just with your voice through various voice assistants and intelligent speakers including Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Rokid, Tmall Genie, etc.
Easy for Installation.
Easy for Installation.
Just screw the Smart Light Socket in, and twist a bulb into it. Then everything's done.
Compact Design.
Not just elegance design, but also the most compact size available on the market make it almost invisible in your house.
Durable and Long Lasting.
Much more durable than general smart light bulb. Just replace an expired light bulb while Terncy Smart Light Socket is and will be alive in a long time.