Protect all aspects of your intelligent home.

Multiple automations to provide more possibilities to your home.

Real time display of door state.

Keep home safe whenever you go outside.

Full-automatic lock mechanism.

Open the door without extra effort.

Works with Apple HomeKit.

Fully compatible with Apple ecosystem to create a smarter home with Apple HomeKit.

Financial grade living fingerprint sensor.

Sweden FPC financial grade fingerprint sensor The trusted choice of 135 Banks around the world fingerprint identification become faster, safer and more accurate.

Multi-unlock modes.

including fingerprint, remote control , Siri, password, door card and key.


Remote control



Door card


Multiple safety protection.

safety protection.

Effectively resist small black box and anti - door viewer unlock.

Equipped with two 4200 ma lithium batteries.

A single battery can be used more than half a yearUsing two batteries alternately, ensure your lock never goes out of power.